Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Xiaomi has been the organization that is renowned for its innovation in its electronic devices and technical objects.
Xiaomi has become a brand that is trusted and used by millions, which makes the brand phenomenal to use.
The firm has a lot more to sell than just smartphones. In the segment of smartwatches, smart home goods, TWS tablets, and more the firm is an active brand. Thanks to a large array of products from its eco-chain businesses, Xiaomi is even more common in China. The company is behind famous smartwatches such as the Haylou range and is now ready to unveil a new Mibro product. Mibro is a brand of Zhenshi Technology and is part of the forked Xiaomi ecosystem for those unaware. Let’s have a look at it.
Mibro Air Smartwatch

Mibro Air Smartwatch launch Date

Mibro is a brand of Zhenshi Technology and part of the Xiaomi Forked Ecosystem. The company recently unveiled a new smartwatch with a respectable design and specifications called Mibro Air that catches one’s eye. This smartwatch will supposedly launch on November 30th at a pocket-friendly price point. The business is offering different offers that one can take advantage of before its official launch to keep the discussion going and retain people’s attention.
With a round dial, it has a good build. In addition, for those in the market for a cost-effective smartwatch, it brings interesting specifications and features. The company has just revealed the November 30th launch of the new wearable. The brand is offering some interesting offers before the official launch in a bid to draw consumers to its line.

Mibro Air Smartwatch Specification

  • With a high-resolution color display and a good screen to body ratio of 95 percent, the Mibro Air flaunts a stunning 1.28-inch circular dial TFT display.
  • The watch has a metal finish and is made of a single piece. To withstand scratches and minor drops, it may be strong enough.
  • The wearable carries IP68 certification that can guarantee safety for splashes of rain, sweat, and handwashing.
  • The watch has a collection of watch faces that allow the user to tailor the appearance of the wearable to their tastes.
  • Its well-spaced icons increase readability, while the flexibility is further improved by the rotary mode.
  • The user can also change the dial’s context and interface to suit their choice.
  • It boasts up to 12 modes of sport. In addition to the most popular sports such as running, basketball, tennis, or even a quick stroll, it can easily record different activities, including a treadmill and exercise bike.
  • It comes fitted with a heart rate monitor that helps to permanently calculate the values, alerting the user to any potential issue or irregularity.
  • Additionally, to keep an all-around check, this smartwatch can also control one’s sleep every night.
  • It is possible to record and synchronize all these values and measurements with the Mibro Fit mobile app, which is very similar to Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app.
  • With a 200mAh battery, Mibro Air ensures up to 10 days of continuous use and 25 days of standby.
  • It supports Bluetooth V5.0 to provide a comfortable mobile link.
  • Notifications from applications, such as phone calls and texts, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Gmail, and more can be quickly obtained.


Mibro Air watch Price

For a reduced price, it is already up for preorders at their official store. The company is offering interested users who preorder the watch from November 11th to November 30th a free dark green strap. Besides that, by using the coupon code MIBRO1114, the first 20 preorders on November 14th will get $16 off.

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