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Logitech Superlight Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s latest addition to the company’s PRO series of gaming is peripherals it is a lightweight mouse that promises the speed and accuracy. Logitech has revealed with a number of accessories that targeted with a specifically at gamers this year. In July the company has revealed that the Logitech G high end gaming chair created within the collaboration with furniture company Herman Miller. Then it came with the PRO X Light speed headset. In August, the dating sites gay. In this December, the Logitech G PRO X Superlight wireless e-sports gaming mouse will be join with the company’s Pro Series suite of peripherals.

Specifications of the mouse

Aimed for a or with a players who simply want the latest in gaming technology the five button with the PRO X Superlight features with a hyper minimal design and it is Logitech’s lightest wireless e-sports gaming with the mouse today, weighing in that its weight must be at less 63 grams, it is 25% lighter than the standard PRO wireless mouse. Its zero additive PTFE feet allow for a low friction glide that aids with precision, speed, and maneuverability.

Logitech Superlight Gaming MouseThe Superlight also features Logitech’s HERO 25K optical sensor as well as Light speed wireless technology, which the cuts of milliseconds from the response of time and outperforms even some wired mice. The HERO sensor was the three years in the making and tracks movement at the sub-micron level and a fraction of the thickness of a human hair. This allows all mice with the technology to reach a maximum DPI of 25,600. The HERO sensor is also delivers with a improvement of tracking speed with the no loss in accuracy across the full DPI range, even at velocities over 400 IPS.

Price of the mouse

This performance does not come at the loss of longevity. The wireless mouse also features improved power management. Even at high DPI settings the HERO technology is 10 times more power efficient than previous Logitech G sensors. This means that the 2.4 GHz PRO X Lightspeed mouse will allow gamers to play wirelessly for up to 70 hours. As with other accessories in the Logitech G PRO series the new PRO X Superlight gaming mouse will not come in the cheaper rate. It will be available for purchase at the and likely other online retailers from December 3, 2020 and it will be retail for $149.99. The models of the mouse will be available in both a black and a white version. Retailing for $200, the headset can stay connected at distances of up to 42 feet and it can be charged via USB-C, which is much faster than using a standard micro USB.

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