Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Mohammed Siraj

Sad news presented itself to bowler Mohammed Siraj, who is currently in Australia training along with the Indian squad, that his father Mohammed Ghouse had passed away due to a disease that has affected his lungs. He passed on Friday in Hyderabad, at the age of 53. The 26-year-old Siraj had heard the news of tragedy after just returning from the daily practice sessions. Siraj had also lost his elder brother when he was at the tender age of 7. He said that his father’s wish was for Siraj to make his country proud, in which he has done so successfully, with no doubt. Ghouse used to face a lot of hardship during his early days with Siraj, just so his son could pursue his undying passion for the game.

Not Permitted To Travel To India Due To Lockdown Restrictions

After a whopping 2016-2017 Ranji Trophy season finale with 41 wickets, Siraj had acquired the IPL cap for Sunrisers Hyderabad, at Rs2.6 crores. It sure did come as a shocking news to the bowler as his father was his biggest ever support. It was Ghouse’s dream to witness his son playing for the country and he is “glad that I could realise that and bring joy for him”, said a heartbroken Siraj, who had rise up through the ranks from the bylines of Toli Chowki. He came to know about his dad’s demise via the coach Shrastri Sir and captain Virat Kohli, who asked him to be bold and are lending him support from all sides. With strict restrictions and quarantine rules put up, Siraj will be unable to travel to India to perform his father’s last rites.

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