Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
Huawei sold Honor subsidiary

Honor is the subsidiary to Huawei. But due to Huawei’s decision of selling it to Zhixin it will no longer be it’s subsidiary. Huawei has sold it’s Honor subsidiary to Zhixin New Information Technology Company Limited. Honor gave amazing devices to its users. According to the sources it is believed that Huawei is facing many problems to keep up its customers. This is all because of the US sanction. Now this sell of shares by Huawei will helps Huawei in dealing of smartphones in the market. It was also informed that once this sale will get complete Huawei will no longer be a part of Honor. The parent company will not hold any shares anymore. With this sale Honor will also gets various benefits. As due to US sanction it is not able to keep up in the industry. This will helps in the survival of the Honor.

Overview of the Honor’s situation in the market

Honor has been proven an amazing company which deals in the mid range mobile phones. Also this company has targeted the youth around the globe. If we see about the Indian status of the company then the company has made tremendous profits in India. Recently in August the company has made its introduction in the Laptop market in India. Although the decision turns out to be fruitful. As the laptop went on sale it got sold out in just few minutes. This also gave amazing feedback by the customers.

Huawei sold Honor subsidiaryAffect on Honor after this sale

The company has announced on Tuesday that they will going to sell Honor shares in the market. There is no such information which was revealed about the acquisition cost but it is believed that it will be around $15 billion. Not whether this sale will change the Honor development direction? It is believed that no such change will happen. The statement has revealed that this change in Honor’s ownership will nog affect in the development direction or stability of the teams as well as the executives. The new company stated that they will maintain the same dignity in the market just like the Honor had.

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