Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

GTA the game which since its launch has been among the favorites of game lovers is all set to relaunch again with brand new features and specifications. Grand Theft Auto, developed by David Jones and Mike Dailly, is a series of action-adventure games. Under the supervision of brothers Dan and Sam Houser, Leslie Benzies and Aaron Garbut, later titles were created. Let’s have a look at the news.


GTA 6 coming soon?

A new collection of data about the highly awaited “GTA” series installment of Rockstar Games, “GTA 6,” appeared online, disclosing information about the disclosure date and launch platform of the game.GTA 6 is the eventuality of some kind. While Rockstar has not yet officially confirmed something, GTA Online‘s continued success-and the whole GTA franchise-implies that at some stage it’s absolutely happening. Ahead of any potential PS5 and Xbox Series X release for GTA 6, there are still plenty of rumors and clues to discover-including the fact that the official Rockstar Support account informs fans to “keep tuned” for GTA 6 updates on Twitter.

Information about the launch leaked

  • The new “GTA 6″ data came from industry insider foxy games in the UK. On Twitter, the informant claimed players should receive information for the next “Grand Theft Auto” game from Sony and Rockstar Games, following the announcement of “GTA 5 Enhanced Version” in 2021. The insider said the announcement was a huge deal.
  • The other most convincing piece of evidence comes from a Kotaku article that follows up on Rockstar‘s work culture investigations. GTA 6, or at least ‘a new entry in the Grand theft auto series,’ is early in production as of April 2020, this study states. Moreover, it shows that the internal strategy of Rockstar for the game is to release a slightly smaller game and then build on it via daily updates.

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Where will  GTA 6 be made available?

This implies that by integrating more live service options, GTA 6 could expand on the popularity of GTA Online-or it may just be the basis for GTA Online 2 altogether. The site added that if it becomes a PS5-exclusive title, Rockstar Games could lose a substantial amount of revenue. It should be noted that the leak will remain hypothetical before Sony or Rockstar Games reveals anything about “GTA 6″ or its launch platform. Rockstar Games stayed tight-lipped about everything despite the relentless flood of revelations and gossip about ‘GTA 6.’ On the official Twitter account of the supporting department of the studio, it mentioned that no new ‘GTA 6′ details are available, evidently indicating that at the moment nothing of considerable value could be shared. This does not, however, deter fans from making assumptions and surmising about something they feel might be connected to “GTA 6.”
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