Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Elon Musk Tesla Releases Tea Tequila With a Tesla Price Tag

Tesla’s tequila, which is retailed for $250 on the Tesla site, is packaged in a lightning bolt-shaped bottle which is mounted on a stand that gives out futuristic vibes, with the one and only Tesla logo. Tesla’s Tequila is “100 percent de agave tequila añejo aged in French oak barrels, featuring a dry fruit and dry vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish.” And of course, it is as crazy and bloody expensive as it can be. It’s a joke on a joke, with Elon Musk’s 2018 tweet, about Tesla filing for bankruptcy and the CEO(Elon himself) was found knocked out against a Tesla Model 3, surrounded by “Teslaquilla” bottles, the “tracks of dried tears still visible on his cheeks.” Who knew he was talking about the very near future?

Elon Musk Tesla Releases Tea Tequila With a Tesla Price TagTesla Releasing Non-Auto Merches

Later that year, the company had filed an “intent-to-use” trademark for Teslaquilla with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. As the Verge too keeps in mind of Tesla filing the Trademark, it certainly is not the first time a luxury car company has been releasing non-auto merch. Porsche sells branded Huawei smartphones, Ferrari sells $55 earbuds and BMW sells thermoses. So Tesla sure does have its own merch line that sells toy cars, power banks shaped like Tesla charging stations and many more creative apparel.

Futuristic Tesla Not So Eco-Friendly With Tequila Production

A lot of effort and arms were taken and instilled in the production of Tesla’s tequila and this production, hilariously, is far from being environmentally friendly and seems tp rebel against all aspects of Tesla’s environmentally-driven missions. CEO pf Tequila Aficionado Media Mike Morales, told sources that the production process of tequila produces a whopping 10 litres of wastewater for every single litre of usable/drinkable tequila. Dumping the water smells “terrible” and it unsurprisingly contributes to the ongoing dangerous ecological problems the entire world

has been facing and will continue to face for a long, long time. Although, if you are willing to pay the $250 out of your bank account for a bougie car tequila, you can very much expect it to arrive by the end of 2020.

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