Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
One 2 Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboard creators will acquire yet another surprise at a limited-edition keyboard from DuckyChannel International and famed gaming accessory and hardware production brand HyperX. This duo is all set to release their second ultracompact keyboard on Wednesday, on the 18th of November, at the cost of $110. Their first ever collaboration was released in May. With only 3,700 products available worldwide, it sold out instantly. This time, however, around 6,500 units are to be available worldwide. By using Ducky’s standard  60% layout, the new limited-edition model has a full black reverie, contrasting with the two-tone, red-and-black body of keyboard from the first collaboration. This keyboard uses HyperX’s Red linear switches, along with Ducky’s custom-made double-shot PBT keycaps for a smooth and legit typing experience, and also has an amazing level of speed for gaming. The keyboard sounds fancy too, with a satisfying click to the keys and no amount scraping or spring noise radiates from the switches whatsoever.

Specifically Designed Keycaps With Flashy Lights

This 60% design is comparatively smaller that HyperX’s standard full-size keyboards, or even the TKL keyboard, the very own HyperX Alloy Origin Core. But the Ducky keyboards still have the systematic workings of the previously released larger models by filtering the functions on the keys it currently has. They’re accessible through the combo keys Fn and Alt. The function key column is gone, by the way, but it is still available as a secondary command on the number keys. With these key combos, anything is possible, from activities between mouse functions to recording macros without any software. You can also save up to 6 profiles, on to the keyboard directly. The keyboard’s per-key RGB lighting can also be controlled. Ducky’s keycaps and opaque white top plate makes advantageous the revealing of the designed LED of the switches, for a more brighter illumination and the double-shot PBT melding process will sustain their texture for a long time. Every One 2 Mini keyboard is laser-marked, with the edition number etched on its bottom.

One 2 Mini Mechanical KeyboardPerfect For Gaming Purposes, Be It CoD or HALO

Every keyboard comes with a USB -C-to-USB-A cable, a Ducky keycap pull-over and few extra keycaps, which includes a very special spacebar and a Year of The Rat ESC keys to give the keyboard a more significantly customised look. This all-plastic body has a very solid texture and its tiny size makes it a perfect pic for gamers with small desks, or maybe for those who just want more room for mousing. It’s also a very ideal option for travel, since a full-function performance and mouse controls will be delivered. It is, nevertheless, the same old 60% size and the quality is the same as the ones with the other Ducky One 2 Mini keyboards. Even if you do miss out on placing the order for this second Limited-Edition One 2 Mini keyboard, there are always alternative solutions. The HyperX Red switches, the exotic spacebar, and the full black color will be the only objects you will be missing out on.

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