Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Beer and Beauty Fame of Belgian Town

During every spring, the Belgian town of Puurs holds a festival in honor of its luscious asparagus, “white gold”, as it is named locally. But recently, it has developed a new bumper crop, and it may be exported soon, as it could hold the key ingredient to a vaccine against this coronavirus pandemic. In expectations of regular approval, hundreds or thousands of doses have already been shipped off the production line at Pfizer’s hub in the lazy town which is located in the middle of Brussels and Antwerp.

Home To The Infamous “Duvel” Beer

Koen Van den Heuvel, Puurs’s mayor, harmlessly joked about the residents urging him to put in a word with the pharmaceutical agencies so that they could acquire the first ever dose. Many people have asked him to inform the agency to I’ve the first doses to the citizens, but he says that the priority access can not be permitted that easily as Pfizer “has its contracts.” Puurs is just a bit more than just a tiny intersection of two roads that connect to a school, church, delicatessen and a chemist. Asparagus, the miracle plant, supposedly grows in the surrounding fields, due to the existence of the soil’s high level of sand content. For many decades, Puurs is also the home to the Moortgat brewery, that produces the place’s much loved, intense Duvel beer. But tragedy struck, when in the 1960s, tax break began to attract bight multinational industries from the U.S to Belgium. It includes the predecessor of Pfizer, Upjohn, which now holds a base of around 3,000 employed citizens.

Beer and Beauty Fame of Belgian TownDwelling Place of Former Miss Belgium; Vaccine May Not Be The Permanent Solution

Puurs was globally recognised for being the home of a former Miss Belgium winner Dina Tersago, who now hosts a reality TV show, in which the matchmaking between Belgium women and Flemish farmers take place. Currently, the “talk of the town” is the announcement of the vaccine being effective at the rate of 90%, in helping to prevent the people from getting COVID, as revealed by Pfizer and Bio-NTech. Jo Verstuyft, a local pharmacist, stated that as a citizen he feels proud but as a chemist, this vaccine may not be the only true vaccine as there are chances for the  virus to mutate and be unstoppable. Another ex-worker at Upjohn Clothide, disagreed, as she has full trust in the vaccines done by the agency. A recent job vacancy/advertisement on Pfizer’s Puurs’s plant may prove that with the production of more than a billion doses being planned to release by the end of next year, this may not be the last ever vaccine.

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