Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Mi Power Bank 3

Xiaomi never fails to surprise us. Be it from Redmi’s affordable phones to the budget headed earphones or the first 4K television in India. Oh! Did I say television? I meant smart television.

Xiaomi’s power banks, we are aware were the most affordable ones when launched with 10,000 mAh backup. Now adding to the list, Xiaomi is back with another power syrup of phones ‘Power bank 3’. The registered name of Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3.

The Chinese smart technical company focuses on carrying power equipment that is reliable with great quality promise. With the Xiaomi MI Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition, the traits are in conjunction with Ultra Compact but architecture is distinct. The traits of Xiaomi PowerBank 3 Pocket Edition are Ultra Compact meaning tinier than you thought and lesser in weight than you have handled power banks.

Mi Power Bank 3

Smart talk about technical features- Xiaomi Power Bank 3

The measures are 9 x 6.03 x 2.44 cm with 201 grams. The design is opaque white in contrast to earlier models. The technical pros are of 10,000 mAh battery.

The Li-po gives the power to charge phones or equipment without draining the power bank’s lifeline ‘battery’. As for the pit or attachments, I’m loving the 4 pocketing. 2 USB Type A, a type C, and micro-USB. The Mi Power Bank 3 pocket Edition can give charge to 3 devices simultaneously.

The power is up to 22.5W for a super amazing charge. The charging is done of the travel Xiaomi Portable battery giving the device using interchangeable USB Type-C at 18W. A micro button is present to access control and aid to safety by avoiding short-circuiting.

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The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pocket Edition will be at 99 yuan which is approximately 12 € for Europeans. The European citizens and the Asian country ones are counting to get this lovely backup in their backpacks. Europe to have a different color of Ultra-small device with features just right and same.

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