Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

The world is facing the global pandemic of Covid-19 and India is no exception to this. Accordingly, Research teams of different nations are still working on developing vaccines. Before the vaccine, in order to provide safety equipment,  Xiaomi launched the new Mi KN95 masks on 13 October in India. Previously back in January, the company has introduced the AirPop mask.

 Mi KN95 Masks

Mi KN95 Masks in India

The new Mi KN95 Mask is being launched in India by Xiaomi for better protection as the Coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing. The brand new Mi KN95 Masks has been launched yesterday on 13th October 2020 in consideration of growing health concerns. Mask is designed with four protection layers fabricated with non-woven material. Where the outermost layer of the mask is designed to provide filtration out of particles, the innermost layer is designed for optimal breathing. The Mi KN95 Masks from Xiaomi has two layers also made up of melt-blown fabric that will be able to filter out bacteria and other minute particles.

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95% Bacterial and Particle Filtration

Upcoming Mi KN95 Masks launched by Xiaomi offers an Inspiratory Resistance of 153.9 Pa while the Expiratory Resistance value of the masks is 137.9 Pa. It means that the mask offers good breathability and feature of airflow overall. According to the fabric feature and its woven design, the masks confirmed the standard values and will offer the user a 95 percent + Bacterial Filter Efficiency (BFE). It possesses the capability to prevent minute particles between the size of 1-5 microns. Along with the particles, it will be able to process bacterial filtration that will help in preventing the entry of any nonviable particles. The company stated that the microfiltration material used in the mask is fabricated soft, and lightweight offering comfortable wear for long periods of use.

Other Details

The latest launched Mi KN95 mask is designed with an attached nose pin providing a firm grip and prevents any leakage as well that would potentially fog glasses also.  The company has put the net price tag of Rs 250 on the pack of two Mi KN95 masks. For the whole pack of 5 masks, the net price is Rs 600. Customers can buy masks from and Mi Home stores and other specified retail stores in India.

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