Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Smart Electric Bed

Xiaomi amazes us yet again. Xiaomi and innovation are almost synonymous. The 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro under the Youpin crowdfunding tenets. The bed is a smart one and a next-generation to the 8H Milan electric bed under crowdfunding in 2019 end.

The price of the bed is 1999 yuan or $300. The 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro is priced at 4899 yuan almost 2.5 times or $735. The shipping is to proceed by December 1.

The classic 8H Milan smart electric bed traits help for 5 different kinds of comfort settings, intelligent voice control, and some other features. The current Pro bed gives an update in the motor moving going from two motors to quad motors. The smart bed comes with a dual-zone lift, high power, slow lift, and slow fall.

There are certain features making sleep better. The 8H Milan Pro packs together a tough spring mattress and also gives intelligent voice control. Design-wise, high leg design, and a creative spring mattress carved out of solid substances similar to the sleeping cycle of users.

Smart Electric Bed

More on the Xiaomi 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro

The mattress has varying comfort and support for different parts of the body, putting the right pressure in different places. Additionally, the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro bringing comfort for three smart control modes. It is workable through remote control, the MIJIA app with help from XiaoAI voice assistant with help voice prompts.

The mattress has a reading mode, snoring mode, flat-lying mode, zero-gravity mode, and TV mode. Xiaomi has started spreading its wings in 2011 and is unstoppable since then. The company was founded on grounds of 2010 April is headquartered in Beijing.


Xiaomi goes on investing in products like smartphones, mobile apps. On the list are laptops, home appliances, bags, shoes, and many other components. Xiaomi is the fourth company on the globe post-Apple, Samsung, Huawei to give self-developed phone chipsets. all free online dating

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