Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Xbox Series X

Though the Xbox Series X shows off updated graphics with 4K gaming, ray tracing, and frame rates up to 120 FPS, however, the system continues to have serious flaws. It seems that the Xbox Series user interface will only support up to 1080p resolution.

The major flaw in the User Interface

After looking at the PlayStation 5 user interface, Eurogamer writer John Linneman said that it is the biggest flaw of the Xbox Series X system. Linneman compares the potential of the Xbox One and PS4. Whereas the Xbox One X only provides up to 1080p for the User Interface, the PS4 Pro offers native 4K. In spite of the fact that many users could be fascinated by the games themselves, a smooth User Interface gives a better experience and navigation of consoles.

Xbox Series X

The PlayStation 5 user interface offers native 4K and HDR and has extensive gaming attributes too. A new attribute called “Activity Cards” permits gamers to jump into games at specific entry points. The Control Center is also available on any screen and shows all activity cards, and another attribute called Official Game Help. This feature comes with tutorials for tricky areas in games and it can be played in a picture-in-picture mode. All of these features run smoothly in 4K resolution.

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Users will get the first-hand experience of the User Interface

The significant flaw with the Xbox Series X  is it not only supports a 4K user interface but also new attributes may not give you the best experience and the looks too in comparison to the  Xbox One. The Xbox Series X is in serious trouble for having a User Interface that looks completely alike just like the last two generations. However they have concentrated on the potential of the Xbox Series X graphic for gaming purposes, but the User Interface is the first thing of the new system that gamers will experience.

The promising features that the Xbox Series X UI

Although the user interface is facing some serious issue other features and updates are likely to come out this month.  The new User Interface shows off faster menu navigation and improved load times for games, which suggests using 40% less memory than before. The Xbox One will gain from the optimized UI, and the Xbox Series X will take it a notch up with the launch of Quick Resume. The Quick Resume feature is expected to permit gamers to pause and resume multiple games without rebooting. conversation starters for online dating

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