Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
Tyra Banks

Recently it was reported that Banks didn’t want a woman to compete in “Dancing with the stars”, to which her longtime publicist, Elana Rose reacted. Rose said that Banks had nothing to do with this news and that it was untrue. As per Rose, Tyra Banks is a fan of the “Housewives”, and as a businessman, she would not do or say such things. Rose also added that Banks has nothing to do with the cast. Banks would like it if a “Real Housewives” star wins the mirror ball trophy.

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks

Banks is a fan of “Real Housewives”

As per the reports of Page Six, Banks will chat with Bethenny Frankel, a former “RHONY” star on a podcast, “Just B with Bethenny Frankel”. Rose said that Tyra is a huge fan of The Clubhouse, and the Chairman, CEO of her company has appeared as a guest in the Clubhouse, recently. If anything Tyra Banks is a fan and the earlier reports about her banning a woman from competing are false.

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About Tyra Banks

Tyra Lynne Banks, aka Banx, an influential personality, a model, producer, and author was born to Carolyn London, a medical photographer, and Donald Banks, a computer consultant in Inglewood, California US in the year 1973, on December 4. She has also tried her talents in acting and singing. Besides the arts, she is also a success in the world of Business. She started at 15 when she decided to pursue modeling and why wouldn’t someone with a face like hers, opt for that. She was Victoria’s Secret angel for eight years and the first African-American to debut on the covers of GQ. Banks is a woman who rightfully was given a spot in the list of the World’s most influential people by Times Magazine. She is the winner of the label, “legendary supermodel” who also happens to be the author of The New York Times Best Selling Book, “Modelland”. Modelland is a novel for young adults wherein, Tyra Banks talks about her life as a model. As per her peculiar DNA result, from Ancestry.com, it looks like Banks has an ancestry that explains her excellent unusual features and elegance. Her test defined her as, 6% Native American, 14% British, 1% Finnish, and 79% African. She has been linked with people like Erik Asla a Norwegian photographer with whom she has a son, Louis Bélanger, Rob Evans, Brian Joseph White, and John Utendahl. Currently, she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Louis Bélanger, who is a businessman.

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