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Tony Lewis

Tony Lewis, “Your Love” singer is a name every other person recalls from the band “The Outfield”. He was a bassist of the famous pop-rock band. He even used to write songs for the band. Simply, putting it Lewis was a well-established musician who made the band known, by his exceptional vocals. He was born in London, England in the year 1957 and had been active since 1984. After putting his life’s efforts into The Outfield, he decided to take a separate road. He went solo releasing his new album in the year 2018. He released “Out of the Darkness” on Madison Records. He had a knack to learn music from a very young age and he always wished to be heard as a musician. His songs were well received, once he chose to let his voice hit the general public. The great music of the 60s kept Lewis hooked and he found inspiration in some great singers like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, T. Rex, David Bowie, and other bands from the 70s. This interest in music kept Lewis on pins and he wanted to do something about his sprouting talent. Later, he formed his first band, “Sirius B” with John Spinks and Alan Jackman.

  • Tony Lewis: was a bassist,
  • John Spinks: the guitarist,
  • Alan Jackman: was on the drums.

Sadly, the band couldn’t touch many people and they had to disband, leaving Lewis with some choices to make. For sometime after splitting from his members, he gave his voice to some songs as a lead vocalist, played randomly in clubs and local bands.

Tony Lewis
Tony Lewis

Taking another shot with “The Baseball Boys” now known as “The Outfield”

But the boys couldn’t stay apart for long, so Alan, Lewis, and John Spinks formed a band again. This time, they named it “The Baseball Boys”. They earned themselves some fame while touring in the UK. They got famous as the boys who made their music sound American. This caught the attention of an American Management Company. Soon, they were signed with the company and their name was changed to “The Outfield”. The first album of “The Outfield” was “Play Deep”. Their single “Your Love”, however, brought them incessant fame in the 80s and they made it to number 6, on the Billboard Hot 100, chart.

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John Spinks and Tony Lewis’ Death

John Spinks died of liver cancer in the year 2014. He was 60 at that time. This Tuesday, it was reported by TMZ that the singer, Tony Lewis died at his home in London. The cause of Lewis’ death is not known yet and his publicist Bari Lieberman also released a statement to express the grief he felt after the singer’s death. Lieberman said that Tony’s music was outstanding and it touched so many people. “His legacy will live on forever through his beautiful family and his legendary music,” said Bari Lieberman. Tony Lewis’ family includes Carol, his wife, two daughters, and three grandkids.

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