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Tom Parker

Tom Parker is a member of the British-Irish boy band, The Wanted that came into existence in the year 2009 via mass auditions which lasted for nine months and was managed by Scooter Braun. Other members of the band are members of Siva Kaneswaran, Max George, Nathan Sykes, and Jay McGuiness. Some of their albums rocketed on the charts like The battleground and The Wanted, which was their debut album. Their singles touched the hearts of too many. “All-time low”, “Heart Vacancy”, “Gold Forever”, “Lightning”, “Chasing the Sun”, “I found you”, “Warzone”, “Glad you came”  and “Lose my mind” were no strangers to the top of the charts. “Glad you came” made the singers popular in the US and Canada. It landed on 3rd spot in US billboard Hot 100, and on spot two on Canadian hot 100.

Tom Parker
Tom Parker

Controversies surrounding the boy band:

On the 25th of July, in 2013 police stated that Todd Swift, a poet reported that he was soaked by the champagne thrown over him. He accused the boy band of sending him verbal threats and pouring champagne over him through the window of the hotel Marylebone.

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Hiatus: On January 22, 2014, the group announced that they needed time to focus on their solo projects.

Tom Parker posts about his brain tumor

Tom Parker took to Instagram to let his fans know that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that is inoperable as per reports. He asked fans to be hopeful and that he didn’t want people to get sad by this news. He wanted to raise awareness and look for treatments if there are any. His optimism is something everyone should look up to. He also talked about love and positivity in his post. His bandmate Max George, 32 is trying to be supportive of Tom Parker while he goes through this tough period in his life. George talked to their fans and expressed how impressed he was by Tom’s strength. He shared via Instagram that, Tom Parker and his wife Kelsey, have been brave all along. And he wanted people to know that even though the times are scary and devastating, Tom has an optimistic personality. He hasn’t seen Tom give up or take no as an answer. This heartfelt post of George’s left fans in tears. He also added that Tom has a heart that’s the size of a lion’s. “His heart is the size of a lion’s, and it is his drive and passion that has always led The Wanted and made sure we are looked after the right way. Speaking as a brother, a friend, and a bandmate … I know that you will conquer this as you have every other challenge you have ever faced,” said George.

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