Mon. May 17th, 2021

In September 2020, Mobvoi launched the first Wear Operating System programmed product, TicWatch Pro 3. Now the company is set to release an LTE version of the smartwatch. Wear Operating System is designed with an updated System-on-chip integrated circuit and Snapdragon Wear 4100. The TicWatch Pro 3 launched only with GPS version and was the first smartwatch launched with Wear Operating System. The watch was applauded for the small size and advanced sensitivity that is way better than every other smartwatch programmed with Google.

TicWatch Pro 3 LTE version appears in Google Play Device List with the nickname rover

TicWatch Pro 3’s LTE version was noticed in Google Play’s device list. The smartwatch pops up with the nickname rover and seems to be built with similar specifications and features like it’s counterpart TicWatch 3 GPS version. The watch showcases e-sim performance making the device work with only specific mobile networks since all networks did not provide e-sim functionality to consumers.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Featured
Mobvoi’s forward-moving approach to smartwatch

In the years gone by smartwatch designers, Huawei and Apple have launched smartwatches with e-sim. The disadvantage of framing a smartwatch with a dedicated sim slot is the extra weight and height added to the already heavy and bulky smartwatch case.
Looking at every aspect, it seems e-sim will take over the physical SIM in the near future. Nonetheless, Mobvoi is a futuristic company and their decision to use e-sim seems a very forward-moving approach. Mobvoi has not declared if GPS will be taken out of the TicWatch Pro 3 LTE version smartwatch when launched. Though both GPS and LTE are expected to be programmed in TicWatch Pro 3 LTE version.

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Main Features and Specifications of TicWatch Pro 3 LTE version

TicWatch Pro 3 LTE version is built with specifications similar to TicWatch Pro 3 (GPS version) but with certain changes. The expected main features and specifications are:

  • Screen Dimension – 45.1 mm x 45.1 mm x 12.6mm.
  • Screen Density – 320 DPI
  • Processor – Wear 4100 (Snapdragon 12 nm processor SDM429)
  • CPU – 4x ARM Cortex- A53 (1950 MHz)
  • GPU – Qualcomm Adreno 504 (320 Megahertz)
  • Memory – Total memory (RAM) 1024 MB
  • Android – Android 9 (SDK 28)

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