Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
The Sims 4 Player builds Skyhold from Dragon Age

Crossover fan art is quite common in the gaming community. Other than MinecraftThe Sims 4 is an exceptional platform to build real-life locations inside the game. Even though the game isn’t primarily known for building, some dedicated fans spend hours together to achieve a replica of their favorite locations from a different game or real life. One such fan successfully recreated the Skyhold from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Sims 4 Player builds Skyhold from Dragon Age
The Sims 4 Player builds Skyhold from Dragon Age

What is the Skyhold from Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Players who engage in the Dragon Age: Inquisition game space are well aware of the Skyhold. It is a mountain-bound fortress that serves as headquarters for the Inquisition and the home base for the player. Undoubtedly, The Sims 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition are two separate games. However, their popularity is equally massive, and fans are passionate about both the games. 

StarshinePrince’s masterpiece

A Reddit user with the username StarshinePrince posted a photoset of the fortress that he took hours to build in The Sims 4 to r/sims. Further, they cross-posted it to r/dragon age so that both fandoms could view and share their opinion on that same. The photoset showcased nine different photos of the creation, each from a different angle. It was clear that the creator had taken immense efforts to achieve such perfection. It is a known fact that such creations are impossible without referring to umpteen number of screenshots of the original fortress. Players are free to spend hours at the Skyhold in the game, and thus, small details like suits of armor and candles are easier to notice and appreciate in the Sims build.  The original creator confirmed that it took them at least 30 hours to build the complete location. Trying to keep it 100% identical to the original Skyhold, StarshinePrince included many of the war damage to this version as well.

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Accessing the game with the Skyhold build

The user further mentioned that he used several game packs and that the build heavily relies on CC (Custom Content). Some people dislike downloading the CC version along with the builds. However, the post included over a gigabyte of CC in a zip file with the build.  The Sims 4 is available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Dragon Age: Inquisition is available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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