Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Teresa Giudice is slammed by fans for not wearing masks during this Covid-19 pandemic. Se posted a picture on Sunday on her social media handle. This is from her daughter’s Gabriella’s 16th birthday party. At the party the guests didi no seem to be maintain social distancing. As well as they haven’t wear masks. However, the government has issued numerous guidelines are issued regularly by the government. And also people must know the value of social distancing during the pandemic. Teresa Giudice posted an Instagram story where dozen of friend’s and family members gathered at the party. They all were seen singing Happy birthday. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star also posted the video. But later deleted it.

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Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice had Rough 2020

Although 2020 is very tough for everyone. But for Teresa it’s been extra challenging. This is due to Joe Giudice was forced to stay jn Italy. This has left Teresa state side with their 4 children. However, this seperation turned to be a visible representation. This is of what was happening behind the scenes. However, they couple has announced that they are seperating in their marriage earlier this year. This is the most challenging time for Teresa. Now she has to take care of her 4 children alone. Also she has to deal with her seperation from her husband.

Solo parenting

Although Teresa is dealing with solo parenting perfectly. Recently she has thrown a party in the middle of pandemic. This is for her 16 years old daughter. However, this party has raised eyebrows on Teresa. This is because the guests was not seen wearing masks. This is from the bash at the Dream Downtown hotel in New York City. However, the party features balloons by the Balloon Boss and flowers from Tremendous Florists with a red and black theme. The only person who was seen wearing masks in the video was a server who handled candles to Gabriella. Since the party was at her private place so she might not be facing and charges for not following the guideline. But Teresa is facing lot of problems this year. But parenting alone is not the reason for not following the guidelines. Though our safety is in our hands. best dating online

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