Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Tatum O’Neal

Tatum O’ Neal has tried taking her life for the second time. Her suicide tries prior month threatening to fall from the home balcony in Los Angeles. The little darlings star has tried it earlier as well. In the 2001 memoir “A Paper Life” O’Neal attempts to give up on life very early in life. O’Neal now 56 remembers a 1976 tour with father Ryan to Europe. The father was working on the movie “A Bridge too far”. Melanie Griffith also on the tour, 18 made friends with Tatum. Later on, Tatum found her sleeping with her dad. She tells the incident made her feel like dying. She didn’t know what to live for. Tatum also made friends with Ryan’s drug dealer Gavin. The Oscar Winner says last month she was standing by the window thinking what would happen if she jumps. She says she was afraid to jump she took a pillow and threw it outside. The pillow fell on the ground from the trial run. As it fell she got afraid. O’Neal instead of jumping slashed her arms and took some pills, she wakes up to find Gavin taking advantage of her. Her father got angry with her, calling her an idiot and an embarrassment for her situation.

Tatum O’Neal
Tatum O’Neal


Tatum’s life and achievements

In September, O’Neal puts a picture on Instagram of herself, father, and her three kids. The picture is marking the family’s reunion in 20 years, Sean her son tells. The actress has had her drug addiction issues. O’Neal earlier was in a marriage with Tennis star John McEnroe, is now separated. Tatum Beatrice O’Neal is an American actress and an author. She has won academy awards in 1974 for playing Addie Loggins. Pete Bogdanovich had offered Tatum for a role in a movie on the novel Addie Pray. She enacted as a cig smoking 9 years and backing up Golden globe awards for the most promising actress with an Oscar.

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