Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Super Typhoon Goni

The superstorm in the Western Pacific Typhoon Goni explodes to be 2020’s biggest storm ever Earth encountered. The peak air had a reach of 80 mph in a day crossing 175 mph. The usual Pacific Cyclone aggravated to turn in a super cyclone Goni. The typhoon is on the beeline for the Philippines, where it will show its wrath on Sunday. Goni’s destructive waves are exaggerating over the mild waters in the pacific ocean west. The peak air charging 100mph to 180 high winds on Thursday and Friday. By Saturday the winds smoothing to 185 mph. On reaching 150 mph the typhoon is called a super typhoon being equal to a strong Category 4 hurricane. The hurricane was more grave than category 5. The strength charge in waters is going 1- 1.5 Celsius warmer than usual. The quick passion of typhoons is through man-made climate change, hyping temperatures around the world.

Super Typhoon Goni
Super Typhoon Goni

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GONI’s wrath

The joint Typhoon warning center in Pearl Harbor words Goni a small but intense system. On weather satellite, one can see the sharp eye and symmetry which is a trait of intense tropic cyclones. The prediction says Goni will move towards the west and landfall will occur in Luzon, northeast of Manila. The landfall will happen at 8 pm Sunday, with a little less intensity. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center gauges Goni to transit a new replacement cycle due to which several thunderstorms surrounding place again. The process slows winds, rarely it can turn into a big storm. Goni is compared to Typhoon Rolly by Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Administration. A warning is charged for tropical cyclones. It may bring floods and landslides. PAGASA further says there are winds causing massive destruction and storm will peak to 6.5 to 8 feet. With the recent phase of COVID, 19 people are taking shelter in government shelters. Ricardo Jalad Executive director for the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council says people should wear masks while ensuring social distance.

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