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Steve Bing

Steve Bing was an American businessman, film producer, and philanthropist. He investor $80 million in “The polar express” in an animated film that earned $285 million throughout the world, this movie was the biggest box office hit. In 1993, to support Frank Lautenberg he gave $500. He bided $10.7 million at the federal level to the Democratic Party and its candidates. In 2002, he gave $8.2 million for democratic national comity. During the 2006 election cycle, Bing reported that $49.5 million has been given. In 2000, Bing donated $7.8 million to California’s secretary of state. In 2009, August, 5, Bing got a flight for $200,000.

Steve Bing
Steve Bing

Bing died

Steve Bing died on June 22, 2020; he was died at the age of 55, by jumping from his apartment that was on the 27th floor of a building which was in the century city neighborhood of Los Angeles. On Tuesday in Los Angeles, the country is mainly for medical examiner coroner’s office, revealed American financier and film producer Steve Bing’s cause of death. In Los Angeles this county is for the department of medical examiner coroner in that listed Bing’s cause there was a death to be multiple blunt traumas and the manner of death as suicide on its website, according to Fox news. The case has been listed now as ‘closed’. When he was 55, American businesswoman Elizabeth Hurley, who shares an 18-year-old son with Bing, confirmed the death of her former partner on Tuesday morning in an emotional tribute to the Hollywood staple. Bing also had another child, Kira. Lisa Bonder is a professional tennis player. At last, he had $300, 000 after his death.

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Steve Bing asserts

His asserts were next managed by his daughter Kira Bonder. Bing was waiting to give his paternity battle with actress Liz Hurley. Bing was waiting to give a DNA sample for the paternity battle with actress Liz Hurley and he had a secret fling with former tennis player Lisa Bonder before nine months. On the birth of Kira Kerkorian, a close friend claimed in court papers. In a forum, Kerkorian says Bing is infertile and insists and the Hollywood playboy is Kira’s father. Bonder is taking Kerkorian to court for nearly 223,000 a month in child maintenance. Bonder from Aspen, Colorado was married to Kerkorian for only a month. But she was sleeping with Bing for months. It was a run-up to Kira’s birth in 1998.

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