Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Sony A7S Mark III

Sony gives the quality professional-grade mirrorless cameras for some years now. The A-7 series cameras are getting plenty of applauds from the professional and semi-professional community. The one camera which stands out is the A7S. The Sony A7S II was inaugurated in 2015, five years ago and the largest time, customers are hanging for Sony to give another one. As the technology goes from FHD to the era of 4K and 8K too. The demand for the Sony A7S III grows more. Sony goes ahead to give way for A7S III in India, for a cost of Rs. 3,34,990. The Sony A7S III goes to the flagship of 12 megapixels full-fledged sensors like the ancestors, but the sensor is in the Bionz XR processor following it. Around this time, the Bionz XR is double-chip processing, giving the A7SIII to shoot 4K video at up to 120fbs devoid of issues. Pro shooters are going amazed by the amount of bitrate for 4K 6-p at 100MB/s, installed in the Sony A7 III.

Sony A7S Mark III
Sony A7S Mark III


Perks of the A7S III

Some of the perks are the Sony A7S III shooting a 10bit 4:2:2 footage. The camera can aid S-Log 2, S-Log 3, and HLG Color profiles too. If an outside recorder, we can have 16-bit pure footage at 4k 60fps. Other than the great upgrades to video empowering, the A7S III gives 5.5 stops of shifting sensor for image stability. The space on the A7S III is updated with needs, with the camera giving double SD Card Slots access of UHS-II and CFExpress Type A cards. A USB-C jack giving a transfer speed of 5GB. Some other issues resolving have the autofocus system, available with 759 on-sensor phase extracting AF points. Earlier news was that Sony will give A7S III by Tokyo Olympics, the news is confirmed. Sony works with CFExpress Type A cards reaching to 800MB/s being more than the fill with the highest bitrate feature of 280MB/s for recording.

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