Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was affected with the mental health. During this pandemic situation, her mental health care is becoming lower. This is not a normal case during this pandemic period, As a human being, we must take care of our self, our family and friend’s mental health, we must have a conversation with the people who are be alone. In this case, Selena has a bipolar disorder and for a long time and she is being in the depression.

Selena Gomez

Life of Selena Gomez

Selena’s parents were separated at her age of five, for a girl at this age of five she will not be at such position of losing any one. She was a child artist in television shows, besides that she is a famous person ,  singing and producer. In the television shows she worked in “Barney & Friends”. She won her first award, Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel television series Wizards of  Waverly Place (2007–2012), her first movie was “man seeking women season 1 episode 7. She had a relationship with Justin Bieber and after that she was deliberately broken inside. In November 2015, Justin Bieber told icebreaker messages for online dating of Gomez, “I’m never going to stop loving her. I’m never going to stop checking in on her.” Later Justin Bieber got married with dating marshall pottery on September 18, 2018. That makes a pain in her life.

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Selena health

Selena was diagnosed with lupus and she left from the public event for few months, after the few months the kidney transplantation has been made and the organ has been donated my her friend and actress during this transplantation the artery of Selena had broken and the emergency surgery was conducted by using the vein of the leg. After the transplantation, She said, “It was what I needed to do for my overall health”. In April 3, 2020, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The beauty and talent are the present in her life but self health is must in her life.

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