Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
sam smith

On October 27, Sam Smith, a 28-year-old singer talked to Vogue, revealing his hair condition and recent hair transplant surgery. The singer said that he was too shy initially to be able to talk about his hair struggles, but now he feels free. His hairdresser had recommended a hair transplant after his hairline started to recede. “How stunning is it?”, was an expression given by Sam Smith. He said, getting a transplant was his decision based on his preferences but that doesn’t mean he hates bald looks. He expressed his love for the beauty of bald looks.

sam smith“Stay with me” singer’s first album and the following success

Samuel Frederick Smith aka Sam Smith was born in 1992, London, England. He is a singer and an amazing songwriter, who rose to fame after his appearance in “Latch” was adored by almost everyone. Smith also featured in a single by on Naughty Boy “La La La”, which was a hit. He debuted with an album, in 2014 “In the Lonely Hour”. His singles “Money on My Mind”, “Lay Me Down”, dominated the world and his music was a storm that touched hearts. “Stay with me” by Smith in addition to having captivating lyrics, had a vibe associated to its music. People could relate to it in different ways and it gained Smith huge popularity. It landed on position 2 on US Billboard Hot 100, and one on UK charts. Despite being his debut album, it didn’t fall short of talent and content. He won number of awards for this album such as Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, and Best Pop Vocal Album at Grammy. He has also won three Billboard Music Awards and three Brit Awards.

Gender Identity of Sam Smith

After struggling with his sexuality and gender identity, Sam took to Instagram to explain that his sex was more fluid and he said that he was nonpolar, that is not a male or a female but in between. He urged his fans and followers to call him “They” and not “He” in order to make his non polarity seem acceptable. “They” said that, coming out like this, took courage and effort because it is not easy to express yourself, if you are too concerned about the opinion people hold about you. Non polar people are part of LGBTQ+ where, plus sign includes non polar people. He expressed how he has changed since his childhood, he couldn’t go near makeup in his teens but now after going public with his gender fluidity and the change of pronouns, he doesn’t feel like hiding from makeup.

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