Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Rihanna is slammed all over the internet. This is for not putting out music for some time in order to focus on her lingerie company. This company is called Savage × Fenty. However, she has shown off her new makeup line known as Fenty Beauty. But it was not good. The singer has used the Islamic Hadith during the show. Due to which she is facing a lot of backlash from the internet. She getting disrespectful. She is even considered disrespecting the values of Islam. This by using the Hadith mixed into the beat. This song is called Doom. However, it was created by a London based producer named Coucou Chloe. This song talks about the end of the times. As well as the judgment day. But the people on social media did not like the concept and the lyrics of the song at all. They had given a lot the criticism.

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Internet says ‘no apology can set this right’

However, this was acceptable as the fans tweeted. Rihanna fans took Twitter to express their grief about the issue. They even said that even the biggest apology cannot cover this. There were various comments about her. Many of them believe that this is beyond disrespectful to their religion. And Rihanna must have known about the lyrics. Many of her fans find this too disturbing. As her team used a Muslim hijabi girl in their Fenty makeup line. Rihanna got such kind of criticism 3 years ago. At that time she allowed the same things. She was slammed about the values of hadith. Also, some people criticized that she is not aware of the importance of hadith in Muslim lives. For the followers of Islam hadith is the major source of guidance. This gives them a lot of knowledge. Also, the Islamic community has too much respect. However, religion must not be disrespected in any sense. Hadith is a compilation of traditions. It consists of the sayings of the prophet Muhammad. This is with accounts of his daily practice. However, this also gives a lot of knowledge and information apart from the Quran. Hence, it has a lot of importance in the lives of Muslims. However, things must get clear by the singer to her fans.

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