Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Rihanna has issued an apology to the Muslim community. This is after she has received backlash for using sacred Islamic verses in a song played at her fashion show. On her Savage X Fenty show debuted on Amazon Prime. She got widespread hate about the lyrics of the song. However, some of the fans says that no apology could make it right. Although, the song was praised for its inclusivity, featuring models of different sizes, races, and genders. Not only praise but the criticism was also there.


Reason for apology

On Rihanna’s new song  Savage X Fenty show. She took the concept to the next level. However, she got very much praise for the show. But viewers took offence to a portion of the show. This is due to the models clad in lingerie danced to a song. This song is samplesd audio of someone reading the Hadith. This is the holy narrative of the Prophet Mohammad. It is deeply revered by the Muslim community. They are the followers of Prophet Mohammad. They get lot of knowledge from his words after Quran. Due to which Muslims believed that what Rihanna did was wrong. However, for this she got too much hate on her social media handle. However, some of her fans encouraged her.

Rihanna apology

Later for this hate Rihanna apologised on her Instagram story. She said that she had made careless mistake. Also she has hurt many Muslim people. She has also thanked the Muslim community for pointing out a huge oversight. This was unintentionally offensive in our Savage X Fenty show. Later she added that she is incredibly disheartened for this. Also she says that she do not play with any kind of disrespect for any religion. Also she claims that such mistakes will not be commited again. Later she thanked for forgiveness and understanding. Also on Monday, producer Coucou Chloe addressed the cirticism on her Twitter. She has also apologized for the mistakes committed by the members of the show. Later she has also promised to remove the song from every streaming platform.

However, such mistakes hurt the sentiments of the people. Their sentiments must be respected.

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