Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
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Rey, Mysterio, the professional wrestler form the United States of America, says that he is not hoping to put in an appearance in the Hell in a Cell, though if he were to take part in that match, he would prefer to wrestle against Final Balor in a dream match.

Rey Mysterio has done all things imaginable

Rey has done all imaginable things that a wrestler can imagine. To get the power to participate in WrestleMania 22 and WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he stayed on 62 minutes and 12 seconds in the Royal Rumble in 2006. He won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship trophy in 2011.

Rey Mysterio Rey would prefer to fight against Finn Balor in Hell in a Cell

Rey has never been in the Hell in a Cell although he participated in many matches like Table Ladder and Chair (TLC) matches, I Quit matches and even participated in a match where he was about to lose his eyeball.
Rey Mysterio revealed that he would prefer to fight against Finn Balor, the present NXT World Wrestling Champion, in the cell of Hell in a Cell. Ray made the statement while speaking on WWE Ahora.

Rey has never thought about taking part in Hell in a Cell

He explained saying that he honestly had imagined taking part in such a dangerous match like Hell in a Cell. He said that he thought of participating in matches like Table Ladder and Chair (TLC). For Ray, matches like TLC is all about height. It means climbing up the ladder, pleasing his followers, and claiming the title to him. He said it would be historical if he takes part in Hell in a Cell with Finn Balor. Rey has participated in the Table Ladder and Chair (TLC) match on 19th December 2010 and lost the title to Edge.
Rey continued saying that if he were to select his opponent in Hell in a Cell he would choose Finn Balor. Rey came across Finn in 2018 Survivor Series and the duo haven’t crossed path ever since that match

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