Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

RedX will be making debut for DC Comics. The DC future to have the RedX in a two-month ceremony from January 2021. RedX is a character designed specifically for Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans animation.

In February an amalgamation of monthly and two-month big anthologies with a 30 days pack of miniseries and one-shots featuring current and upcoming DC heroes to unveil. The Secret of Red X’S Identity gives way to mystery. He first was a rogue portraying he was someone else in secret to unlock the secrets of the villainous group.

Red X

A teaser is out for DC Future State by Dan Mora an artist. The image has RedX from the new hero pack and unique versions of superheroes like Batman, Superman, WonderWoman, and much more spring. Robin takes on the path of RedX in the first part of Teen Titans being undercover.

Characters Unlock with RedX

The characters will come in Season 3 with a new character. RedX will star in which DC Future Sate comics it is uncertain right now. Marie Javins DC Executive Editor comments that the DC universe always keeps seeding characters in new ways. The event commences from Jan 2021, will give readers pieces on the hints and clues of what 2021 awaits.

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The team consists of DC Future State includes Mariko Tamaki, Brian Michael Bendis, Gene Luen Yang, Cully Hammer, Joelle Jones, Nicola Scott, Joshua Williamson, and John Timms. Some new addons are the award-winning writer John Ridley for 12 years a slave. Brandon Vietti of Young Justice, Meghan Fitzmartin of Supernatural and DC Super Hero Girls.

Among others is Thundercats, Transformers: War for Cybertron’s Brandon Easton, Alitha Martinez from Represent! It’s A Bird. Nubia: Real One’s L.L. McKinney, Stargirl’s Paula Sevenbergen, and Lola XOXO’S Siya Oum. The DC Future State will see Justice League, Superman, and Batman’s plenty of comics, monthly toppings, and cakes of one-shots.

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