Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
Rebel Wilson

Rebel’s career began in Australia as an entertaining stage actor and television actress. She broke out as Kristen Wiig’s roommate in 2011 in the United States for the hit Bridesmaids. In the Pitch Perfect movies, playing the loud singing coed Fat Amy made her a big star. Both of these led to a gig hosting the MTV Music Awards and a starring role in a Super Fun Night short 2013 TV series. Later on, Wilson starred in films including Isn’t It Romantic, The Hustle, and Kittens. Rebel Wilson focused extensively on her health. Over the past few months, Rebel has been on a diet and wellness regime and she announced 2020 her’ Year of Health’ in January. Since then, she has continued to post photographs and videos of herself becoming healthier and training with celebrity wellness trainer Jono Castano. She also posted a selfie late Sunday which revealed her dramatic weight loss clearly. The caption read, “Just call me: Fit Amy.”

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson

A video of herself performing a CrossFit workout with ropes on her Instagram stories was also shared by the Australian actress late Thursday; it was later reposted by her coach Jono Castano. As she put on an all-black fitness ensemble at the gym, the “Pitch Perfect” actress showed off her impressive weight loss transformation. Rebel said her target weight is 165 pounds and it seems like she’s going to reach it by the end of the year. Though Coronavirus 15 (an estimate of gaining 15-pound weight) has been placed on by many around the world, Rebel showed that there was no stopping her. Rebel posted a picture gallery and a special shot of herself wearing a beautiful, navy-blue cover around her dress that stressed her hips and revealed how much weight she was losing. This dress is from the Rebel style of Alex Evenings and Elizabeth Stewart. Robert Vetica styled Rebel’s hair and Rebel’s makeup was handled by Matthew Vanleeuwen. The post by Rebel is fast approaching one million likes and has more than 15,000 comments. For her weight loss, fans continued to applaud Rebel and many couldn’t help but tell Rebel how beautiful she looked. While showcasing her weight loss journey, through breath-taking images, she also revealed that she was involved in the School of St. Jude fundraiser program. On her Instagram account, Elizabeth pointed out that Rebel was collecting a lot of money for the school. However, the actress has always been a spokesperson for body confidence and even created her own plus-size range of clothes named Rebel Wilson x Angels. The sizes vary from 14 to 24; her inability to find clothes that match right inspired her. How do you feel about the incredible weight loss journey of Rebel Wilson? Are you impressed with the amount of weight she might lose in 2020? Do you think she’s going to set her target by the end of the year?


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