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Heather Gay

One of the six ladies who have made into Bravo’s new show: Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is Heather Gay. The show is about love and will premiere on November 11th, 2020 at 10/9c on Bravo. Lately, before the premiere, Heather Gay has open up about her Botox regimen.

Heather Gay
Heather Gay

Who is Heather Gay?

Heather Gay was initially married to Morman royalty for around eleven years but later stayed out of the church due to her separation from her husband. She is defined as a self-proclaimed “good Mormon gone bad”, and decided to play by her own rules. Furthermore, the soon to be reality TV star is a devoted mother of three daughters. Currently, Gay owns a burgeoning Med-Spa business, Beauty Lab and Laser, where ladies are frequently visited.

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Heather Gay’s revelation about her Botox History

The lady agreed to go for a voyage of self-discovery, as she finds her voice as well as her love again on this Bravo’s new show. As per Page Six’s statement about Gay regarding Botox, she commented, “ It all depends on your priorities, if speaking to you is important, then you can get too much botox. If moving your lips and forehead in any way is important, then you can get too much botox. If you want to stand there and look beautiful, there is never enough.” The lady also expressed her botox regimen over her entire life “ I get botox every three to four months, once a year for my lips, and twice a year for a painful facial.” In the meantime, she also shared about her single life after getting a painful divorce, “I don’t know anyone that was Mormon, divorced, single, and happy. But I either had to get remarried or define again my whole life. I have three little daughters and I still don’t know how to do it and nobody gave me my guidance.” Heather Gay has also expressed how eagerly she is waiting to win over the gay men in the show, stating that “oh my gosh! I have been praying for my whole life to become a gay icon. If the gays are willing to take me then I will carry the badge of honor.”

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