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The Perez in me was the outsider, the Latino guy, the homosexual, but the person who stuck out into the Hollywood is the mainstream Hilton”. Despite sharing the same surname-Hilton, Paris, and Perez are totally unrelated to each other. According to his recent memoir, it was stated that the pair had become buddies when Paris had invited Perez in order to visit her in the studio during her debut album in 2006. Sooner, they both started spending time together like Perez attending parties conducted at her house. But is it true that Perez Hilton is certainly in trouble again? Perez Hilton is a famous American blogger, media personality, and a communist who is widely recognized for posts related to gossip about many VIPs and their tabloid pictures. This time, Perez Hilton has put one more celebrity in trouble. As he was considered as a most hated man in gossip, he spilled the tea on many popular celebrities, including Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and this time it is about the American media personality businesswoman, socialite, model, actress, singer, Paris Hilton. Oops!!

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Lately, the infamous celebrity blogger released his new memoir on 6th October 2020, a publication on his infamous encounter with the world’s leading celebrities. The book explained everything that happened in Perez In his new memoir “TMI: my life in scandal” there was a mention about Paris Hilton, that “I knew Paris was using me but I didn’t care about it too, besides, I was using her too. I mean I was a blogger who was chilling with Paris Hilton”. In the book, it was also penned that he witnessed Paris’s aunt Kyle Richards entertaining the guests as she danced in a stripper pole which was put in in their living room. Nevertheless later, Perez stated that he actually never noticed Paris partaking in any hardcore drugs but even though he said “she was, however, one of the biggest stoners that I ever met in my whole life.” He also claims that “she used to smoke weed every day, from the first day in the morning till late in the evening- wake and baker- as they call them”. But as per the reports, it was discovered that the famous celeb, Paris Hilton was reportedly caught smoking pot while in a New York night club. It was one of the TMZ employees who saw her puffing while she enjoyed herself at The Pink Elephant Club. In his recent memoir, he also disclosed the moment when he made out with the American singer-songwriter, John Mayer.


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