Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Enco X TWS

Recently OPPO launched new TVs, Limited editions of a watch, and smartphones in China. Besides other devices, the company has released a brand new pair of TWS earbuds called the OPPO Enco X. The company is promoting it as a sound device in collaboration with Dynaudio, a famous Danish Loudspeaker manufacturer.

Enco X TWS Price and Availability

The OPPO Ecno X comes at a price of 999 yuan($149.45).although, with the first sale that started on 19th October will be able to grab your purchase at a discount of 50 yuan ($8.83). OPPO Enco X will be available from October 19 at 21:00 China Time on the online store of Oppo along with offline and online sellers. You will get 3 color options of the device White, and Nocturnal Black is available and the Bamboo Green color option will be available later.

Design of Enco X TWS earbuds

When it comes to design, The Enco X has tilted earbuds with silicone ear tips. The stem grips the middle and in contrast to the OPPO Enco W51’s big oval shape, this device has a smaller existing design like AirPods Pro. Oppo says the Enco X has a coaxial dual unit design in the interior of the earbuds.
There is a superconducting magnetic plane diaphragm, three-layer moving coil, and dual speakers. Everything placed on the same axis for direct audio at ears. The charging based has an improvised oval-shaped design, in contrast to the Enco W51’s squircle shape. It has a “co-created with Dynaudio” mark at the front and the OPPO logo on top. Oppo stated the been has a ring design along with a metal body for ergonomics. Moreover, the design looks to be influenced by the company’s 15-year old first MP3 X3 products.

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 Enco X Specs

  • Active noise cancellation – Yes, with a dual-core chip
  • Noise cancellation modes – 4 – Strong, and weak noise reduction, Transparency mode(ambient sound), and Toggle noise reduction on/off
  • Sound system – DBEE 3.0 for Hi-Fi audio
  • No. of hybrid microphones – 3
  • Size of drivers- 11mm
  • Speaker size – 6mm
  • Bluetooth – 5.2
  • Wireless – Yes
  • Weight -4.8gms each
  • Other compatible devices – Android/iOS
  • Other supporting items- SBC, AAC audio codecs, and LHDC
  • Other features – IP54 water, dustproof, controls for media, volume, calls, and toggling Noise reduction, Quick Pair, Qi Wireless Charging
  • Body-color – White and Nocturnal Black

Battery of Enco X TWS earbuds

The statement released by OPPO states that the device will survive about 25hrs on a single charge. Along with 20hrs of playback with Strong Noise reduction turned on. Oppo states that the latency of the earbuds is 47ms at earbud end and 97ms delay with full link transmission.

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