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A few days back One Plus launched the ‘T’ series smartphone. The phones from this series of One Plus are known for their better features and tweaked designs, which are all based on feedback from customers. Also simply to remain relevant until the next generation arrives. This particular feature that One Plus provides to its customers makes the positioning of this Techno driven company efficient in this huge cellphone market. Surely, all of you would love to Tear Down Videos, be it phones, cars, laptops, or whatever. Recently, since the video was released on Youtube, a Tear down that smashed the Internet is of One Plus 8 T, It became the town’s talk. Let’s take a look at what the video revealed, and why in such a short span of time it gained so much popularity.


Tear Down of One Plus 8T: Revealed what?

YouTuber Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything has released an OnePlus 8 T teardown video. It provides us with a depth discussion of the dual-battery installation of the smartphone. The teardown embraces a durability test under which strict scratch and bending tests were carried out on the latest OnePlus phone. Scratches were found on the phone at level six of the Mohs hardness scale. Just earlier this week, the OnePlus 8 T was launched as the newest member of the OnePlus family. As well as a hole-punch display, the phone features quad rear cameras. This is a major upgrade with a single 4,300mAh battery with Warp Charge 30 T support over OnePlus 8. In the video, Nelson mentioned that the OnePlus 8 T battery pack, at first glance, looks identical to the one available on existing OnePlus phones. At the center, however, a crease is visible that shows two different halves that are packaged as one. To give a total capacity of 4,500mAh, each of the halves has a 2,250mAh battery. Most phones do not charge more than 30 watts quickly. So, it’s probably safe to say that charging a single, more powerful battery could cause the battery to explode or catch fire. But doubling up the batteries makes it possible to use double the power, “Nelson said in the video. He further revealed-
  • “The teardown also revealed that the speaker has no waterproofing on the OnePlus 8 T, although a rubber ring has been warped to resist water around the USB Type-C port.
  • To help strengthen the audio output, there are also foam balls inside the speaker box.
  • In addition, the copper cooling system extends beneath the battery on the OnePlus 8T. This may help improve thermal management to some extent while charging.

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If you are impressed with all its qualities and want to buy one. Worry, not It is available in India. With a starting price of Rs. 42,999, the OnePlus 8 T is available for purchase in India. The phone comes with storage configurations of 8 GB + 128 GB and 12 GB + 256 GB.

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