Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

The singer took to Instagram to share that her mother, Andrea Hamilton had cancer. It was soon after Hamilton had made an emotional revelation of how her cancer has returned. She posted a picture of her hand with a rosary. Her post was beaming with courage and positivity. She said she believes she can overcome this again if Christ is there to help her. She was optimistic that she could win over cancer again. She used a hashtag ‘#CancerWho’ to support her Instagram caption. This was the symbol of faith she had mustered in her heart to go through her hard time and come out victorious. The post didn’t just garner the support of her followers but it also touched the deepest parts of her daughter’s heart. There were comments dropped by Normani under this post, which said “the strongest woman that I know” and “warrior”. Later Normani posted a screenshot of this heartfelt post and captioned it with, “We got this mommy”. It’s heartbreaking to see them struggle but the support and love they show for each other are worth applauding.



When Normani first talked about her mother’s cancer

It was first in October of 2017, that Normani talked about her mother’s condition. She spoke about her childhood and that her mother had always been fighting breast cancer. She shared while speaking with ET that her mother was diagnosed with cancer when Normani was only 5 years old. “I was a bit confused and didn’t really comprehend because I was so young, I remember my grandmother mentioned my mom was sick. She was actually the first person who tried to break it down for me, but I didn’t fully understand”, said Normani. She added that it was hard to understand her mother’s situation as a kid. Whenever Hamilton used to fall sick, Normani used to think that it was just like a cold or the regular flu that anybody could catch. She admits that she was not able to gauge the severity of her mother’s condition. She started to realize that Hamilton was not sick like a regular person, only after her mother got her head shaved, because it was falling out rapidly. She soon realized that her mother was in a different state. Normani also shared that she was grateful for her mother’s strong will. It was only because her mother was too powerful that they could deal with the whole thing. “It was amazing to see even her at her lowest point have strength for her family, It carried us through a tough situation because if she hadn’t been strong for us, we probably wouldn’t have been able to have been as strong for her,” said Normani.

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