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Navratri was one of the famous festivals of Hindus. People used to segment the festival into 9 days. This festival was celebrated in different ways in Hindu culture. Some of them used to keep the Lode Durga toys at their home and worship them for 9 days.

  • The very first day is to worship goddesses Shailaputri. Shailaputriis a combination of two words “Shaila” means “Mountain” and “Putri” means “Daughter” so she is called as Daughter of Mountain.
  • On the second day, they worship goddessesBrahmacharini. Is considered as goddess Durga. The meaning of  Brahmacharini is “A female who earns religious knowledge.
  • On the third day, they worship goddesses Chandraghanta. She embodies fearlessness and courage. The meaning of Chandraghanta is Chandra means “Half moon” Ghanta means “Bell”.
  • On the fourth day, they worship goddesses She was raised in the Abode of the sun god. The meaning of Ku means “a little”, Ushma means “warmth” and means “cosmic egg”. So it basically means “Little cosmic egg”.
  • On the fifth day, they worship goddesses Her son Karthikeyan is also known as “Skanda” so she is called “Skandamata” the mother of Skanda.
  • On the sixth day, they worship goddesses She is the most worshipped form of Durga.
  • On the seventh day, they worship goddesses She is the most aggressive and destructive manifestation of Durga she is also known as “Kaali”. Kaal means “Time of Death” and Rathi means “Night or Darkness”.
  • An eight-day, they worship goddesses Mahagauri. She is the resemblance of purity and deep devotion. Maha means “Extremely” and Gauri means “White” so this means that she is extremely beautiful.
  • On the last day that is the ninth day, the people used to worship the goddess Sidhidatri. She is also called as Sidhidayani, she is the goddess of wisdom. Siddhi means “Supernatural or meditative” Dayani means “Giver or Awarder”.

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About the festival:

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has wished the Hindu people for the Navratri that has been started from today and said them to be a safe, healthy, and prosperous festivals in this battle of covid-19,  which has killed millions across the world. Modi twisted that, “During the first day of Navratri the people all over the world must have a healthy safe and prospers day blessing may give them a positive change in the downtrodden and poor people” and also says that, the first day was dedicated to lode Shailaputri.

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