Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021
4G on Moon

National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Nokia had planned for a 4G network on the moon. In 2028, they have planned for a lunar base network and for the human to survey. Nokia has faced a big loss in its life, as a comeback Nokia had announced that, it has planned to put the 4G network on the moon. In the future, if there is any situation to live on the moon there must not have a problem for the network, so Nokia had announced the statement. For this, NASA said their going to help with this work and as a help, NASA had given $14.1 million to American Nokia for the cellular network on the moon. Nokia’s plan is to build a 4G network and eventually transition to 5G. It will be “the first network communications system in space” as per NASA’s announcement.

4G on Moon
4G on Moon

NASA’s plan

NASA had said that they use to move to the earth in 2024 with a crew of the Artemis missions and in that crew, there will be at least one woman. In this, there was an issue that NASA is saying lie that there was a team that went for the moon. For this time NASA and Nokia are combined and working for this 4G. This announcement gives a new expectation among Nokia. In the Apollo, missions engineers were fully reliant on radio communication. NASA says 4G could provide more reliable and longer-distance communication than the current radio standards in place of the moon. Like on Earth, the 4G network will eventually be upgraded to 5G.

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Mission of Apollo

During 1969-1972 Apollo missions, engineers were fully reliant on radio communication through a base station network of transmitters and relays then back to earth, using NASA’s S-Band there will be 2 to 4 GHz. A digital, cellular service will be improved a lot in terms of quality and efficiency of surface-to-surface communications. That will be useful once when we return to the Moon to stay. It does give rise to the question of why 5G isn’t being considered. They believe this is because 5G signals can only reach shorter distances, meaning that more base stations would be required. 4G will do a more job in those early days, with far less infrastructure. Maybe the moon will get a 5G upgrade once we’re settled on the surface. Just don’t expect Huawei to win that tender. This all shows that there will be complications for the development let’s wait and check the upcoming news from NASA and Nokia.

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