Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Monique Samuels

Monique Samuels finally comment on her fight with candiac: “I’m no one’s stereotype’, The Sunday Episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac took different way this time. The entire hour was devoted just for a single meeting. In context of the ladies gathered at Karen Huger’s home. This is in the aftermath of Monique Samuel’s altercation with Bassett at a winery in the previous episode. Thus the RHOP star spoke out on remorse, reunions, and T’Challa. What happened with Candiac and Monique was bit shocking an strange. This is all about what she says in the RHOP season five trailer about the racism. This is about The stereotype in this country is that Black aggressive women are aggressive. This fight has lead to both women taking legal action against each other.

Monique Samuels

Gizelle explanation

Later Gizelle explained that Black women will be equally respected. The stereotype about the black women that they are aggressive and violent. They are also viewed as borderline. They are always viewed less than anything. Though, the whites are not that we are what they think we are. They must think what they are speaking. They should also use their words to get through a difficult situation.

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Wendy Osefo’s explanation

Wendy Osefo is the newcomer. She wished about the incident could have never happened. She wanted to remove this awful actions and this bad incident if she has magic with her. However, this incident has impacted the lives of the everyone. As the cast she wished she could have handled the things easily. But she could not for which she feels bad. However, this was shocking incident. It had created a widespread impact that the conversation lead to legal action.

Ashley Darby reaction

However, she was shocked after hearing about this bad incident. He wanted to be there at the time of conversation. Thus, it seems to be but surprising for him. He further added that one must not know about how words could affect someone. He says that both the actress are spirited. They can tend to say things that are really heated.

However, this incident has created a big issue over the situation. The words must be clear at the point of speaking. Although, there is lot of work going on for the season. Someone must take the responsibility of their words as well their actions.

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