Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
MTV’s Unplugged Concert-Miley Cyrus

After a good time, Cyrus has again impressed her fans and cynics with after her raspy-voiced taking on the classic songs back in 2012 and 2015 for her backyard sessions. Both sessions brought benefits as well as love to her Happy Hippie Foundation and spotlighted guests starting from Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace to Ariana Grande. In the past, Cyrus gained a lot of attention by doing performances on The Tonight Show, iHeartRadio Festival, BBC Radio 1 lounge, and during this quarantine, her backyard session is back again with a bang and proudly presented by MTV’s long-running Unplugged program, where Cyrus is performing for the second time on the series.

MTV’s Unplugged Concert-Miley Cyrus
MTV’s Unplugged Concert-Miley Cyrus

What you can anticipate in Cyrus’s new session?

The show took place under California palm trees, where Cyrus backed by her camouflaged band The Social Distancers. She kicks off the show with a wonderfully rootsy take on Britney Spears’ Gimme More. The next half hour was spent on paying homage to her heroes outside of pop, with this particular music history scholar opting for deep cuts along the way. She picks Just Breathe, the latest hit from the band Pearl Jam, where she nailed the performance with more life than Eddie Vedder does on the original track. She turned the Sweet Jane by Lou Reed through Cowboy Junkies cover into an acute coolness of both versions. She also went back to the dreamy 2003 tune Cardigans’ “communication” and nailed the performance. Cyrus rocked the concert once again by sounding just as world-wearied as both Nico and Jackson Browne sounded in 1967, in their original version “These Days”. At the end of the day, she is joined by her younger sister Noah Cyrus in the intention to vocalize Noah’s “I got so high that I saw Jesus”, a country tingling ballad. The show exclusively wraps by promoting Stevie Nicks sampling Singletrack’s Midnight Sky, which is the actual reason for Cyrus performing the concert.

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Old Songs which seemed new when it was performed by Miley Cyrus during her MTV Unplugged concert

  • Britney Spears cover “Gimme More”
  • Nico and Browne’ cover of “These Days”
  • Cowboy Junkies Cover “Sweet Jane”
  • Pearl Jam cover “Just breath”
  • The cardigans cover “Communication”
  • Noah Cyrus new cover “I Got A High That I Saw Jesus”
  • And finally with Stevie Nicks single track midnight Sky.
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