Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Trials of Mana is going to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Accordingly, it will be going to celebrate it through the remake of the title receiving an amazing update. The latest update will be entitled Patch 1.1.0. Eventually, it is meant for updating the game with the No Future Difficulty accompanied by Expert Difficulty.


New Trials of Mana update

Trials of Mana not only renew the game from the ground up but continued with the whole spirit of the genre of nostalgia. Now, a few elements have been added to the Trials of mana. There is a new update of No future Difficulty making the game with all enemies and other characters like bosses more challenging. This new update will be going to restrict some of the abilities and usage of some materials and set some time limitations on the battles of bosses. Another update is Expert Difficulty that will be available only at the beginning of a New Game Plus. In the addition to this players will be allowed to revert all characters again to level 1.

New Difficulties Added

The New Trials of Mana will have the game content along with new updates and additions with new difficulties. Here we have listed below:

  • No Future Difficulty – This level will be going to put to challenge the most experienced players. This update will allow players to challenge stronger enemies and bosses restricting some of the specific abilities, and with this will put time limits on boss battles.
  • Expert Difficulty- Now have an option to go with Expert Difficulty before playing the new game plus playthrough. In the addition to this, players can also go with the option to revert characters to level 1 at the beginning of the game.
  • Costumes Unlocking– Players can unlock the costumes and will be easily accessed after resetting a character’s class.
  • The new updates have the addition of some statues of goddesses to the map.

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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary

The latest update named Patch 1.1.0 for Trials of Mana is going to be launched in order to celebrate its Silver Jubilee. This year it will be the 25th anniversary of the original game. Square Enix is also going to offer some remarkable discounts on Trials Of Mana along with the Collection of Mana. Go for shopping and grab a discount of 30% off and 50% off from the Nintendo eShop respectively.

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