Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

LaLiga, the famous Spanish Football League, has declared its collaboration with Twitch, a video streaming platform owned by Amazon. US Sports business Correspondent, The collaboration makes them the first European League to have a profile in Amazon’s Twitch.

LaLiga aims to update its regular events through Twitch

LaLiga announced its collaboration with Amazon-owned video streaming platform Twitch, becoming the first major European league to do the same. The profile Liga Santander eSports on Twitch already has many followers. Through this profile, they will pay more attention to the regular events of the league. Football Clubs like Real Madrid and Arsenal and innumerable football players own a profile in Twitch, La Liga, the first European league has now joined them.

What to expect from LaLiga’s Liga Santander eSports account on Twitch

Recently, Twitch has launched a separate sports channel. The collaboration with LaLiga pushes them to open more sports channels. Both, retired and current players and ambassadors will feature in LaLiga’s latest once-in-a-week series of compilations, clips, and special programs developed for the video streaming platform. The videos will be posted in both Spanish and English languages.
LaLiga, in collaboration with Relevant Sports, made a new studio, LaLiga North America, to manage the operations of the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. Twitch will start broadcasting the LaLiga North America shows in Twitch’s original programs soon.

A look at this week’s LaLiga’s program contents on Twitch

LaLiga will release the videos, clips, and compilations this weekend on their Twitch profile. The contents will be centered around El Clásico between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid happening this weekend. The weekend show will have profiles, debates, and the live warm-up from the world’s biggest sports tournament.

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There will be a LaLiga Zone, a matchday review program, the first-track, One minute with LaLiga, and a program for upcoming match previews named LaLiga Previas. Sources say that LaLiga will design many short and long programs for Twitch to give the league followers an inside view of what happens in and during the League.

Alfredo Bermejo, LaLiga’s digital strategy director said that they are looking forward to taking their content to a new level. They expect to reach a new kind of audience through their Twitch content streaming.

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