Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
Korean streamer Go-Eun - Hot Streamer Decides To Marry a Big Fan

We all know about the big donations for the beautiful streamers. They often receive such donations and this is not new. But there is no such decision taken by any streams that Go-Eun has taken. She has decided to get married to one of her biggest fans. This is after receiving donations continuously. Go-Eun is a Korean streamer. She has revealed her decision on her live stream. She has surprised them by revealing her plan to organize her wedding in the upcoming time. She stressed about her wedding many times. She might be getting married at the end of this year. However, both couples are blessed by their families. Their families are giving bug support to the couple. However, Go-Eun has kept her grooms identify a secret. But she revealed that he was a big fan of her. Even give her big donations and come from a rich family.

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In 2019, Go-Eun has earned up to 350M KRW. This is around 2.2 crores. Just last month she has received a donation of Rs 2.7 lakhs. Her fans have mixed emotions with her decision. Some took it in a positive way and some took it in a negative way. Some of them decided to celebrate this good news with her. They congratulate her and give her blessings for a happy life. Whereas some of them decided to unfollow her. Not only Go-Eun but there are various streamers who earn a lot of money just by donations. Sometimes there are people who spend an amount upwards of $1,000 to help them out. There were various incidents of these donations which has changed the life of many streamers. From $5,000 to $1,000,000 their streamers received such a huge amount.

Career after marriage

However, there is no such information about her continuation or discontinuation of her career. As no specific details have been released. But her fans wanted her to work like this until she gets married. Thus this decision by Go-Eun is unexpected by everyone. till now no such streamer has taken this decision to marry someone. Hence her decision has created history for the streamers. Go-Eun is one of the most loved Korean streamers.

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