Sat. Oct 16th, 2021
Kokoon’s ultra-slim NightBuds sleep-audio earbuds

Kokoon, a company which has been in the sleep-promoting headphones business for the last seven years, is back with a new and improved product. Its latest earbuds, which serve the same purpose, have a twist. They are wireless! The NightBuds fall into the emerging category of smart audio wearables that can be worn through the night as their sole purpose is to improve the user’s sleep quality. Further, this product is supposed to be the thinnest earbud in the market.

Kokoon’s ultra-slim NightBuds sleep-audio earbuds
Kokoon’s ultra-slim NightBuds sleep-audio earbuds

Kokoon NightBuds – Design and features

As compared to the ZenBuds (9.1mm) and the Bose Sleepbuds II (12.7mm), the Kokoon NightBuds have a depth of only 5.4mm. The company has pressed on the fact that the earbuds are about 391% slimmer than the average earbud. However, they aren’t really wireless. Sure, they don’t have a jack cable, but they do come with a skull-conforming band that is worn around the back of the head. The band connects both the earbuds and secures it on the head with its coil-like connectors. The battery is present in the headband and has a USB Type-C charging port. This explains why and how the buds are thin.

How do the buds work?

The sleep-related functions of the earbuds are described as deployed through AI technology informed by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT – I) techniques. The buds include distraction techniques and masking. The distraction technique activates the user’s chosen podcast or other audio streams, which are played through the earbuds. In the masking technique, the buds play rhythmic music or other track types that block or tune out the noise. Further, the earbuds have the ability to detect at which point the user has fallen asleep through optical blood-flow sensing and accelerometers.

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Kokoon NightBuds – Price

The Kokoon Nightbuds is live on Kickstarter, starting from $149. It has proven to be very popular on the platform. So far, the NightBuds has attracted $390,000 in backing. Through this product, the company has amassed nearly 15 times its actual goal. They are a massive hit in the market at the moment, so go and get yours now! free dating sites in ukraine cs go not connecting to matchmaking servers

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