Tue. Sep 21st, 2021
Kelly and Griffin

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Kelly and Griffin
Kelly and Griffin

Meeting at Craig

Kelly Osbourne and Griffin Johnson were met at Craig restaurant in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Griffin Johnson was a famous Tik Tok person. They have reserved three sets in that restaurant for Kelly Osbourne and Griffin Johnson and A new found friend “Dixie D’Amelio” weren’t alone throughout their meal. It seemed like a business meeting. Kelly and Griffin, they were both laughing at each other and looked like they were being playful with one another. Griffin Johnson had a huge smile on his face, while Kelly was talking and he seemed the same”. Griffin was 21 and Kelly was 35 seemed like they have been friends for a longer time, this doesn’t seem like a person is meeting for the first time, and were seemed to happy with each other’s presents and had the dinner.

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After the meeting

In the early morning, she wrote on the Instagram post that “Remember you are in charge of how you feel, and today I feel fierce like I got that”. While seeing this we can understand that they were with the good vibes after the successful meeting. Later Kelly came to respond to the media and said that “No Comment” on Thursday morning. But there is no post and no reply from Griffin Johnson’s side; this makes everyone know about the meeting. On hearing this Griffin’s followers were very happy and searching for the news why they were meat together.

Dixie D’ Amelio and Griffin Johnson

Dixie D’ Amelio and Griffin Johnson were dating since 2018. She was active on Instagram before Tik Tok, now she is famous in tik tok and acting. Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin were beaked up during July. These two Tik Tok popular person met together along with Kelly Osbourne, and they make some fun and Kelly Osbourne is going to get into the 36 on October 27 and it also may be of her birthday special.


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