Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Kathleen Belsten

Kathleen Belsten is one of the most popular female streamers on social networks. She is popularly known as looserfruit. She has more than 27.9 lakh followers grew up in Melbourne. But now she lives in Sydney, Australia. These days she is rocking the gaming community. She has revealed a big truth about the donations. The big streamer says that the viewers donated an amount ranging from $1k to $5k to her in each live stream. However, with some more generous viewers. The amount which this popular streamer receives per stream may be higher.

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Kathleen Belsten Career of Loserfruit

In 2013 she has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. The degree at RMIT University which is in Australia. However, she had also wroked as an intern at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). That year she had decided to do something different. That time she had started her own channel. Also decided to become a pro streamer. However, she did not fail to proove herself. Now she is one the most loved streamer in the industry. She had started her career with various live streams. In those live streams she showed off her skills in various games. Generally it was League Of Legends. Now, she is video game streamer on Twitch. There she plays variety of games. But more often Fortnite, League Of Legends, and Call of Duty. This famous streamer also has her own YouTube channel named as TheLoserfruit. On that Channel she has around 2.7 million subscribers. And on Twitch she has gained over 1.9 million followers. This is all possible with her capabilities and faith in herself. Due to this she has gained large number of fans and followers.

Kathleen Belsten  Streamer of the Year

Besides, her gaming skills she is also popular for her beautiful looks. In July she has also received her own Fortnite character skin. And untill July 2020 she has earned around Rs 8 crores. Her sense of humour is amazing. The way she strem the games her fans love her a lot. She was also nominated for the Twitch Streamer Of The Year. She has alsp appeared as the guest in one episode of TV series 60 minutes. She has around

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