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Kate Moss and had nervous breakdown. This is working with Mark Wahlberg. This seems they both does not have good terms. In 1992, they both did a photoshoot together. This is for the Calvin Klein. Moss stated that she was not at all comfortable during the shoot. She could not evn get up from the bed after this shoot. And that too for two weeks. However, they has also left their beed in their 90s. This is all admitted by the actress in her interview with Vanity Fair. She says that it was soo severe that she had to visit doctor to ask for the help. Her anxiety become so intense at that time. Although this photoshoot gave her a lot of fame. She said that she always get thoughts that she is about to die soon.

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Kate Moss

Calvin Klein statement

However, Calvin Klein’s photoshoot with Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg was no walk in the park. According to the fashion designer statement they both could not even able to stand to each other. And then also it was life changing ad for Moss. Her life has changed totally after that ad. But she still regrets about the shoot with Mark Wahlberg. However, she had very severe nervous breakdown. She really felt bad during the photoshoot with her co model. The ad did not make her feel herself. Also Mark Wahlberg was not very wordy with his co model. They both did the photoshoot in very unusual way.

Mark Wahlberg admits

Although what Mark Wahlberg did he admits his mistake. He says that he really felt extremely terrible for what he did. He might be very rough with his co model during the shoot. This makes her very uncomfortable. There was very less communication between the two. The actor has admitted that he has made lot of mistakes and he has also paid for his mistakes.

Due to lack of communication between the co actors Kate Moss have felt very terrible for herself. She could not be able to gain confidence. However, we hope the things get sort between the two actors. And Moss will get over that trauma.

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