Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

In the news pictures that have surfaced, show Billie Eilish wearing a grey tank top with shorts, in her neon dyed hair. It didn’t surprise anyone how the fans reacted to it. They were dropping all sorts of hearted emojis all across the internet. But the picture always has two kinds of viewers. Besides the supportive fans, there were haters too whose body-shamed the singer and called her “fat”. However, the Billie Eilish fans didn’t hide after this and hit back at the body shamers, saying that using derogatory terms for a minor is not mature and that these kinds of people force her to hide her body within the baggy outfits. Nobody likes to be objectified be it a man, or a woman. Billie Eilish is known for styling her look with some trendy baggy clothes. All her outfits amaze the fans and critics. But recently she is seen ditching her old style. She is trying to adapt to all different shades of fashion. And having haters while you grow, is a given. She is a style icon for most of her fans and they’ve welcomed the move. Kat Dennings, an American actress “aka Max Black” has also stood in support of the singer. She has taken a dig at body-shamers asking them to ‘fright off’, The actress said that she looked exactly like Billie when she was her age. She said, that having to present yourself as you are should be seen as normal. She thinks that the way Billie Eilish looks is normal and beautiful. to which she also got a reply. Actress Liz Jenkins replied with a smart comment. Liz said that whoever that tries to take someone down by pointing at the way they look, should look at themselves and realize that they are the problem themselves.


Pictures released by Daily Mail

The pictures of the singer in a body-con tank top were released by Daily mail, and since then the singer has faced trolls and rude comments about her body proportions.

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Billie’s response to trolls

Billie Eilish has not been quiet about the whole thing. She shared a YouTube video by Chizi Duru on her Instagram story, wherein it’s emphasized that it’s normal to go out as a real version of you. She wants people to normalize real bodies. The Singer has also admitted in the past interviews that her trademark of baggy outfits is not a revolt against conventions, but just a piece of insecurity. But now, the singer wants to grow out of her insecurities and help others who are dealing with them. what dating sites worm astrology dating app

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