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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s companions imagined that John Mayer sold out her when he made out with Perez Hilton — however, she bypassed it since she was “head-over-heels” in affection with the artist. Tattle blogger Hilton expounded on the 2007 episode in his new journal, guaranteeing that he ran into Mayer and Simpson at a New York club — when Mayer very quickly stuck his tongue down his throat. Yet, an old buddy of Simpson reveals that there was more to the story. What made the occurrence so stunning to insiders, they stated, was that Simpson’s camp was secured a battle with Hilton at the time since he wouldn’t quit calling her “Jessica Blockhead” on his exceptionally favorite blog — and alluding to her younger sibling Ashlee as “Ashlee.” “Her companions were shocked” by the sassy kiss, said an insider, “yet she couldn’t have cared less. John couldn’t do anything incorrectly, taking everything into account. She was head-over-heels in adoration with him.” Indeed, the insider said that Simpson presumably wondered about the move, feeling that it would charm the couple with the then-incredible blogger.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

“TMI: My Life in Embarrassment” that after co-facilitating MTV’s New Year’s Eve festivities with Christina Aguilera, the two of them hit a club in Chelsea. He said that they ran into the artist couple, and Mayer told Hilton, “I like to watch gay pornography, you know,” including, “My preferred pornography star is Brent Corrigan. He truly turns me on” — and afterward he kissed Hilton. Hilton relates that Simpson appeared to be humiliated and secured her face with her braids. He said that Mayer at that point sat back with a “fulfilled” look all over and went to look tenderly at Simpson, who “didn’t appear to know whether she was extraordinarily humiliated or truly turned on.” Jessica had a violent relationship with John from 2006 until they split in 2007, uncovering in her 2020 journal Open Book that after only a couple of long stretches of dating, John rehashed disclosed to her how ‘fixated’ he was with her, ‘explicitly and inwardly.’ After her separation from Scratch Lachey in 2005, Jessica began dating – while John continued sending her notes.

Now, the vocalist disclosed to her that ‘he needed to have every last bit of me or nothing,’ she wrote in her diary using Individuals. After furtively dating a couple of months, she became hopelessly enamored with his power, yet felt uncertain because she figured she wasn’t ‘sufficiently keen’ for him: ‘He was so cunning and dealt with a discussion like an agreeable rivalry that he needed to win,’ she composed. Her weakness was so terrible she requested that a companion read over her instant messages for spelling and syntax. Nonetheless, ‘my nervousness would spike, and I would pour another beverage. It was the beginning of me, depending on liquor to veil my nerves.’ Three years after their split, John did his scandalous meeting with Playboy magazine, where he stated: ‘That young lady, for me, is a medication. Furthermore, drugs aren’t beneficial for you if you do loads of them. Yea, that young lady resembles rocks to me. Explicitly it was insane. That is everything I’ll state. It resembled napalm. sexual napalm.’ The remarks she said were ‘stunning,’ because ‘a lady and how they are sleeping isn’t something that is ever discussed.’ Jessica said that she accepts that ‘he felt that was what I needed to be called,’ however instead she was ‘amazed and humiliated that my grandma was going to understand that.’ The consequence of his announcements was a breaking of her trust because by expressing those things, he was not faithful to her: ‘He was the most steadfast individual to me on the planet, and when I read that he wasn’t, that was it for me. I eradicated his number. He made it simple for me to leave.’


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