Mon. Oct 25th, 2021
Jared Leto

As it is known to everyone that the 59th quadrennial presidential election is going to take place on Tuesday, November 3 for this year. People like Donald Trump and Joe Biden decided to run for this year’s presidential election. Amidst this humdrum, the celebrities are trying to do their best and make the public come out and vote. There have been efforts made by most sections of American society especially the ones with some impact, to drive people out of the cocoons and vote.

Jared Leto
Jared Leto

Concerns related to this year’s voting:

Recently Andrea Hailey, the CEO of, a non-profit vote registration org. has given her remark over the voting system employed in the US. There have been early voters who caught everyone’s attention for both good and bad reasons. Where the queues reflected the enthusiasm of voters, they also raised questions. How will the votes of people who sent their’s by mail be counted and separated from those who stood up in queues? These measures were taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19 since the pandemic has affected every person and every country. There have been issues like fewer poll workers, panic, and restrictions on voting to manage social distancing. This year’s voting has also cast a shadow on equality and human rights in the States. There have been researches going on and in one of those, conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology it was stated that white voters waited for ten minutes in lines whereas, black voters waited for 16 minutes.

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Celebrities going all out to encourage people for voting:

During this time, celebrities are trying to make discouraged voters come out and give it a go. During this time Scott Disick was seen wearing a “Vote” hoodie, Kendall Jenner posted about the voting process, Kylie Jenner posted a picture in a bikini captioned with, “but are you registered to vote?”, she also asked people to vote. There were other celebs like  Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Silverman, and Jenna Dewan who also started to show some skin and asked people to vote. Jared Leto is another name, that got added to this list. He posted a picture online, where he is seen naked and calling the day as hump day. He wanted to throw some light on elections and make people hit the booth. The 48-year-old actor will soon be reprising his role as “Joker” in HBO’s Max Project. It will be a mini-series, with four episodes. It will be released next year. celebrities dating fans

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