Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Janis Dardaris

America’s animals have got new protections against abuse as animal cruelty is now a federal law crime under a new law which was signed by President Trump on 25th Nov 2019. However, with the new set of laws, the actress Janis Dardaris lost her pups under animal abuse recently. The popular television and film actress, Janis Dardaris who is known for her work on The Sixth Sense, Osmosis Jones, and My Little Girl has recently reported a complaint against a man who fatally beat one of her dogs and almost kicked another dog into death with constant kicking.

 Janis Dardaris
Janis Dardaris’s dogs

Alex and Max, the two little innocent creatures!

As per the reports, the actress had been out of town when this cruel incident took place. As she was busy, Dardaris left her two dogs of breed Malteses pooches with her sister. The two dogs named Alex of age 11 and Frankie of 12 were left with Dardaris’s sister in her apartment. As Dardaris claims, the killer is her sister’s boyfriend, Vincent Tang, 35, as he got hold of her keys and went straight into Dardaris’s apartment. He allegedly beat one of the two tiny Maltese pooches to death and tortured the other one. Thereby, a lawsuit is filed against Tang with the Manhattan Supreme Court. As the court statement reveals, Dardaris accuses Tang of savagely beating Alex to death before taking Frankie to the roof of Dardaris’s apartment, where the immoral tormented Frankie for several moments by constantly punching, throwing, and kicking the pup.

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What Dardaris says is true.

Moreover, a video was taken by one of her neighbors, which confirms that a man identical to Tang was seen chasing and kicking a small white ball( the dogs) before banging it into a step. Dardaris conveys that she is in a deadly nightmare since the incident took place to her two innocent pups.

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