Fri. Jul 30th, 2021
James Randi

James Randi, a very much famed magician, illusionist and one who gave away the lies in occult practices and who debunked paranormal phenomena, met his demise on Tuesday, according to his foundation; he was 92 years old. James, also known as “The Amazing Randi” passed away due to “age-related causes”, as tweeted by the James Randi Educational Foundation. Through his organization “Committee For Sceptical Inquiry”, he debunked the theories of paranormal activities by working as a fervid scientific investigator. He was memorialized in a pair of tweets by fellow magician Penn Jillette, who named Randi as an “inspiration, mentor, and dear friend”, on Wednesday.

James Randi
James Randi

Amazing Randi’s History With Magic

 Named Randall James Zwinge by birth in 1928, he began showcasing his magical talents as a teenager in the 1940s, touring along with a carnival gang and working at nightclubs in Toronto, his native country. He nicknamed himself as “The Great Randall: Telepath” and had held the audiences spellbound countless times by performing acts of mind reading and mastering the art of predicting the future. James was a pop-culture favorite, frequently making appearances on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” and played a cameo role portraying himself on “Happy Days”  in a 1978 episode, claimed by The Hollywood Reporter. He also provided Alice Cooper’s stage decapitation equipment on the singer’s Billion Dollar Babies Tour, reported the website.

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Randi’s Radiant Achievements and Radical Records

He has participated in various acts of endurance and escapology as “The Amazing Randy-The Man No Jail Could Hold”. In 1976, he successfully escaped from a straitjacket while being hung upside down atop Niagara Falls. Nearly 2 decades earlier in 1956, he was invited on the “Today” show and did a live performance of being fastened inside a metal coffin which was submerged in a swimming pool at the Hotel Shelton in New York City and managed to survive for a whopping 104 minutes, an almost equal record held by his hero Harry “Handcuff” Houdini, the legendary American-Hungarian escapist. Randall also holds yet another record of being encased in ice for 55 minutes. He then decided to give up magic and dedicated his life to disclose fraud. In 2016, he was the main subject of the documentary, “An Honest Liar”, which is a part of the PBS documentary series, “Independent Lens”. Randi informed the times in 2001 that even though he is “a liar, a cheat and charlatan”, he is at least aware of it.

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